Plantain Crisps (Lime)

Plantain Crisps (Lime)

Plantain Crisps (Lime)


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These moreish Plantain crisps from Colombia are irresistably crisp and flavourful, with a hint of zesty Quimbaya limes.


Nothing sets the scene for a perfect cocktail evening like some delicious bar snacks and nibbles. To make your night (or day) perfect and effortless, we’ve paired a selection of fantastic, artisan bar snacks with our drink range, to perfectly balance out the complex flavours in our drinks and bring the craft spirit notes to life even more intensely.

Lime Plantain Crisps

Made from delicious Colombian plantains, Loro have created these delicious, healthy crisps and infused them with zesty Quimbaya Limes from the Quindío region.

Pair With

A Mai Tai, Margarita or a Lychee Martini.



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