Caribbean Dawn Mai Tai

Caribbean Dawn Mai Tai

Caribbean Dawn Mai Tai

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A punchy and aromatic Caribbean cocktail, exploding with flavours of light and dark craft rums, orange Creole shrubb and fragrant almond, finished with just a hint of lime juice,
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Where to begin with the wonderful Mai Tai? One of the most enjoyable areas of cocktail mixing is when you get a chance to dive into Tiki culture. From Hawaiian wood bars, offensively graphic idol carvings, bright floral shirts and plenty of hibiscus flowers in your hair, it’s truly the essense of why we drink cocktails. To have a great time.

Nothing transports us faster to a coconut tree-lined beach, smelling the scents of banana, mango and lime on the breeze, than a good tiki cocktail. They really give you carte blanche to go sweet, spicy and bold all in one go, with colours as kaleidoscopic as a flock of rainforest parrots.

Today, the Mai Tai is the notoriously flamboyant icon of the cocktail world, but it hails back to the California of the 1940s. Conceived by the irascible one-legged Trader Vic, this rum cocktail’s popularity was so extraordinary that it led to a global rum shortage, right up into the 1950s.

Following the Great Depression, history would take the “Polynesian Darling” on a wild ride through the boom of American Tiki culture. From Seattle, all the way to Havana, via Hawaii, the Mai Tai would eventually star alongside Elvis himself, even becoming the official drink of the Nixon presidency.

To continue the voyage of this timeless cocktail, we’ve given it our own twist, by blending four carefully chosen artisan rums from Mauritius, Guyana, and Martinique. By also including “Pusser’s Rum,” an authentic British naval rum enjoyed by the Admiralty for over 300 years, we’ve captured the perfect moment in a sailor’s day, when he breaks from his labours to enjoy his tot of rum, beneath the beauty of a Caribbean sky. Their daily tot ration was the highlight of their day, celebrated with the cry ‘Up Spirits’, taken around midday just before the heat of the day set in.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Mai Tai without a gorgeously floral almond kick, a tangy slice of lime and a hint of fresh garden mint to really make you feel like you’re sitting on a beach at the Four Seasons in Maui. So break out the floral shirt and the flamingo coasters, and get ready for a trip to Tiki town!

Tom Savano mai tai made with Pussers rum


Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles. Serving size 100ml.

19.5% vol


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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 15.7 cm

200ml, 500ml




  1. Perfect Mai Tai with great rum flavour. Tastes of Summer.

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