Lychees in syrup 400g

Lychees in syrup 400g

Lychees in syrup 400g


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Sweet, juicy and bursting with tropical flavour, these fresh lychees in syrup will make you feel like you’re back in Thailand. The perfect topper for your lychee martinis, a gin and tonic, or just to enjoy in the summer heat on their own.


500ml bottle

Nothing finishes a perfect cocktail off better than an amazing garnish. Our cocktails have been designed to be better than bar quality, so don’t stint them when it comes to the perfect serve. Every small detail matters when crafting the perfect sip, from the glassware, to the ice, to the right garnish.

Lychees in syrup

There’s something quite special about a fresh lychee, from the texture to the incredible sweet and juicy mouthfeel. They take us back to holiday in Thailand or the Phillipines, the warm tropical evenings rumbling with thunder as our ice cold cocktails are brought to us, next to a spicy plate of noodles. Perfect in a lychee martini, any other summer cocktail, or even over icecream or your cereal. You won’t be able to stop eating these!

Pair With

An ice cold lychee martini, cosmopolitan, gimlet or gin and tonic.


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