English Garden Lychee Martini

English Garden Lychee Martini

English Garden Lychee Martini

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Deliciously floral, yet complex and strong, this cocktail layers the irresistable sweetness of lychee with organic English elderflower vodka, and our own signature blend of dry Italian vermouths.

A Lychee Martini conjures images of the far east, or a high end rooftop nightclub in New York City. It’s classy, sensual and drinks as easily as water, when made well.

The debutante drink might have the youngest pedigree, but it’s now as iconic as the Margarita. A liquid shorthand for its times, the early ‘90s, this Asian fusion became the vixen denizen of the clubstaurant era, a dining trend that blossomed into the nightlife we love today – from Nobu to Bottomless Brunches.

Although the Lychee Martini was never intended to be as sophisticated as James Bond’s signature serve, its special allure proved so irresistible that bartenders of the time still remember serving it until 6, 7, or 8 in the morning – even attributing the success of their businesses to its popularity.

The inexplicable draw of the Lychee Martini compelled us to design our own debut, with a new adult complexity. We chose an organic premium vodka, distilled five times in Northamptonshire, and infused with locally picked elderflowers – reinstating a sophistication that is hard to resist, even with high-heels dangling at dawn.

The final piece was the martini hit. We don’t believe any martini should taste like fruit juice; it’s a strong, dry, sophisticated drink that deserves its legendary status in the cocktail canon. To pay homage to the original martini, we added just a hint of our favourite Italian aperitifs, to ensure that after your taste buds were sensully caressed with the sweet lychee, you were then slapped awake by the strong, tart taste of real Italian martini.

If you’re the kind of person who loves gardens, the outdoors and springtime, who calls in sick to work when the first blossoms appear, to spend the day sitting in parks underneath the wisteria and sakura, you will love this cocktail. The first aroma that greets you when the bottle is uncorked is reminiscent of a high-end perfume, intoxicating before you even have a taste.

Well chilled, over ice, there simply isn’t a better drink to travel through the gardens of the world, enjoying an endless summer, no matter the time of year.


Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles. Serving size 100ml.

19.5% vol.

(contains sulphites)


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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 15.7 cm

200ml, 500ml




  1. Ordered this as a little lockdown treat and it did not disappoint, this lychee martini is amazing. Would recommend ?

  2. Delicious, floral taste and smell of lychee -has a strong kick

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I was very sceptical that it would be ‘bar quality’ but it absolutely was and have reordered.

  4. Delicate and floral, a nice lychee hit without being overly sweet. Packs a punch in the alcohol department too! I ordered all 4 cocktails and tough t this one was the one I wouldn’t like but I loved all 4.

  5. Fantastic customer service. We had an issue with delivery but we were quickly alerted and had the package hand delivered to our door. In addition, the cocktails are excellent – taste delicious and look beautiful.

  6. A-MAZING!
    This is a serious drink! I thought would be “water” down taste because of the sweetness of the lychee, but I was so wrong! Proper strong martini cocktail-bar standard. Well done Tom Savano !

  7. This Lychee Martini was ordered as a Christmas present from my parents after a few hints! I have to say it is the best premixed cocktail I have ever had and would expect to pay around £15 for a glass of this quality in any city bar. I’ll be recommending to friends and I’m hoping you create a good classic cosmopolitan next.

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