Finnish Liberation Cosmopolitan

Finnish Liberation Cosmopolitan

Finnish Liberation Cosmopolitan


This iconic cocktail is sharp, sweet and deliciously tart, blending cranberry juice, blood orange, Tom of Finland organic vodka and our signature fragrant lime juice.
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No cocktail is more instantly recognisable and iconic than the vibrant pink, tartly sweet combination of cranberry, orange, vodka and lime, which we know as the Cosmopolitan. Conceived at the dawn of the gay rights movement, it embodied the essence of the time, doing a tour through Provincetown’s gay community before ending up in lower Manhattan, where it gained widespread recognition in the 90s through the hit show ‘Sex and the City’. Most importantly, it became an icon of empowerment through it’s unashamedly vibrant pink colour, and some even credit the rise in cocktail culture to the popularity of this one drink alone.
We decided to pay homage to this and to make the cocktail using Tom of Finland Organic vodka. Tom of Finland is recognised as being one of the most influential gay artists of all time. Originally conscripted into the Finnish Army, he eventually made his way out of that life and followed his true passion as a gay man, into his art and illustrations. Iconic and recognisable, his artworks depict happy, masculine, highly sexualised and empowered men, with a strong influence of leather and uniforms, something he picked up from his time in the army. Most importantly is the fact his artwork came at a time where homosexuality was illegal in many countries, and the stereotype of a gay man was camp, effeminate and weak. Tom of Finland’s art was all about empowering strongly masculine, happy, men, providing a real sense of identity that they could be proud of and embrace.
This led to our naming this cocktail the Finnish Liberation cocktail, bringing the natural beauty of Finland and the link to Tom of Finland, into the sense of freedom and liberation he gave many people in the LGBT community and still does to this day.



Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles. Serving size 100ml.

20% vol.


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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 15.7 cm

200ml, 500ml




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