Sydney Twilight Espresso Martini

Sydney Twilight Espresso Martini

Sydney Twilight Espresso Martini

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This luxurious cocktail blends roasted coffee liqueur from Australia, crisp Icelandic vodka, vanilla and a hint of dark chocolate, leaving a lingering, candied finish, and a rich mocha palate.

We all know the story. In the 1980s, Dick Bradsell was asked by a young supermodel, at Fred’s Club in Soho, to make her something that would: “Wake her up, then f*** her up.” A recently installed coffee machine was taking up half the bar and, at the time, vodka was the tipple of choice – so the Vodka Espresso was born.

Shifting gears to the land Down Under, coffee culture in Sydney has always been more religion than day-starter. Everyone, regardless of paygrade, starts their day with a perfectly roasted coffee, or latte, overlooking the harbour. Each cafe is quirky, alive with opinions as colourful as the slang that carries them – and the coffee is world class. So, it was time for the Espresso Martini to evolve. Aussie-styly.

Taking a craft cold-brew liqueur from Sydney, and another from Auckland, New Zealand, we’ve sought to capture the incomparable beauty of Antipodean cafe culture, as dusk hits harbour horizons. Sipping sundown, with dark chocolate bitters, Madagascan vanilla liqueur, and crystal-clear vodka – remember to inhale the Bondi beach breeze across your palate, as the surfers cut their last waves, and your toes dig for fading warmth in the sand.


Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles. Serving size 100ml.

20% vol.


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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 15.7 cm

200ml, 500ml




  1. Everything that you want from a Espresso martini – strong, bitter chocolate and vanilla. Delicious

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