Sal de Gusano (Agave worm salt) 50g

Sal de Gusano (Agave worm salt) 50g

Sal de Gusano (Agave worm salt) 50g


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Salty, spicy and smoky, this traditional Mexican accompaniment is a ground blend of agave worms, dried chillies and salt, and is perfect to enhance your Margaritas, or just to sprinkle over anything you want to add a bit of a kick to.


500ml bottle

Nothing finishes a perfect cocktail off better than an amazing garnish. Our cocktails have been designed to be better than bar quality, so don’t stint them when it comes to the perfect serve. Every small detail matters when crafting the perfect sip, from the glassware, to the ice, to the right garnish.

Sal de Gusano (agave worm salt)

We’ve all heard of the tequila worm, though it is in actual fact only found in bottles of Mezcal. In this classic Mexican accompaniment, the agave worms are ground up with salt and dried chillies, to give a spicy and smoky salt that pairs almost beyond perfection with any agave spirit, such as tequila. Much prized in Mexico, this is the most authentic addition you can add to the rim of your margarita, or just enjoy with a good bottle of mezcal with orange slices, in the traditional Mexican way.

Pair With

An ice cold margarita, a shot of tequila, or sprinkled over a slice of orange with Mezcal.


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