How to have bartender quality cocktails at your wedding, without the bartender

How to have bartender quality cocktails at your wedding, without the bartender
January 4, 2020 tomsavano
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Have you ever been to a wedding where you ask about the wine selection, with the answer being “red or white”? We feel your pain. Other than taking a hip flask with you, you’re stuck with the Chardonnay for the evening.

One of the most talked about things at weddings is always the drinks. So what is it you want people to be saying?

In our experience, nothing impresses guests quicker than a bartender quality cocktail of their choice. And as they say, a cocktail in the hand is worth two deep at the bar.

Tom Savano brings you award-winning, travel inspired cocktails in gorgeous, sophisticated bottles that let you have a five star drinks service without the bartender or even a bar. And unlike other ready to pour brands you may have tried, we only use the highest quality, artisan spirits and liqueurs in our drinks. No sweeteners, nothing artificial, just exactly what you’d get from a top bartenders shaker.

Simply pop the corks and pour over ice. Seriously.

However our cocktails are more than just a drink, they’re a talking point. With two serves per bottle, they have been designed for sharing. Picture your guests sitting around their table, picking out the bottle that is right for them, sharing travel stories and cracking open the seals for a truly individual and personalised toast.

Now imagine a cocktail menu that celebrates the explorers in you both, taking you back to all the beautiful places you’ve traveled together over the years.

And there’s no need to worry about running out of drinks. With our sale or return policy, order as many as you like and only pay for what you drink.

We will be showcasing our cocktails at the National Wedding Show on the 15th/16th February at London Olympia in Kensington so if you want to find out more and taste our range, come and speak to us on stand B67, or visit us at www.tomsavano.com. You’ll also get 10% off your cocktail package if you register with us on the day and book within a month of the show.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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